ANRF Smokefree Lists and Maps Quarterly Update

The ANR Foundation is pleased to announce our most recent quarterly update to the lists and maps of U.S. municipalities and states with smokefree laws now in effect.

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The states of California and Illinois are celebrating the start of 2024 with expanded smokefree air protections. New laws went into effect on January 1 that require all California hotel/motel rooms to be 100% smokefree, and in Illinois, the statewide smokefree air law now requires all workplaces and public places to be free of vaping product use.  Congratulations to both states for taking action to close gaps and allow more people to breathe smokefree air on the job and in public spaces.

While we celebrate our progress, we must beware: the tobacco, marijuana/cannabis, and casino industries continue to oppose our work.  The tobacco industry continues to threaten progress made by attempting to weaken smokefree laws with exemptions for cigar bars and preventing local communities from taking further action. In addition, on-site adult marijuana/cannabis use threatens the integrity of smokefree laws. Utilizing the ANR model ordinance ensures your policy will provide maximum protections and, of course, land on our lists.

As a reminder, ANR Foundation’s Smokefree Casino and Gaming Property Directory replaced our previously published List of Smokefree Gambling Facilities. The interactive directory can be sorted by state, Tribe, and company and includes a map for each state. We continue to be impressed with the leadership shown by Tribes and Tribal Casinos in requiring their facilities to be smokefree. You can find the directory by state here, with an overview map here

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The ANR Foundation has a bibliography of 650 studies, reports, and articles that utilize data from the U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database©, which you can see here.  Interested in a data run?  Contact Maggie Hopkins to discuss the many options of standardized reports we have available, as well as the special multi-variate analyses that we can run based on your research and policy surveillance data needs.

Did you expect your new law to be included but don’t see it on our lists? That is either because the law is not yet in effect or because the law didn’t meet the smokefree list criteria for enclosed non-hospitality workplaces, restaurants, bars, and/or gambling venues to be 100% smokefree without exemptions. Some laws have been enacted so recently that our Policy Surveillance Team has not yet had a chance to order, analyze, and enter them into our Tobacco Control Laws Database. Other laws, despite all our searching, fly under our radar. We very much want these laws, so please contact us to check about any law you think we may be missing. Still have questions? Please contact Laura Walpert.

The lists are updated on a quarterly basis. The next quarterly update will be in March 2024.

We have resources! Check out, the ANR Foundation website for smokefree materials, or visit, the ANR website for updated smokefree laws and campaign information.

Contact Maggie Hopkins, Director of Data Management and Analysis, if you have questions about our lists and maps.

The fight for smokefree air continues, and we look forward to what we can accomplish together. Quick links to all things smokefree: @smokefree on Linktree. Connect with us on social media: IG, FB, X, YouTube.