ANR Foundation: Agent of Smokefree Change in Partnership with CityHealth

December 21, 2022–This week, CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, announced their annual Policy Assessment for 2022. In its new report, CityHealth, rated America’s 75 largest cities on their combined quantity and quality of evidence-based policies in place in each of 12 categories.

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and the ANR Foundation work together with CityHealth to provide technical assistance and expertise to municipalities and decision makers advancing smokefree air policy change, a key aspect of assessing medal criteria. For more than 45 years, ANR has seen the powerful impact of “local leads the way.”  Council members and Mayors from across the country have remained vocal supporters of smokefree workplaces and continue to innovate to address new challenges like e-cigarettes and marijuana, rather than waiting on state or federal action. 

In 2022, CityHealth updated its policy package to make sure that its work continued to resonate with cities and is aligned with the latest evidence, can promote health and racial equity, and has bipartisan appeal. The initiative was also expanded from the largest 40 to largest 75 cities. Go here for complete results, including individual medals by policy area.

You can find the status of your city by consulting our lists and maps. If your city is lacking strong smokefree protections, and is ready to go for the gold, let us know – we’re here to help!