ANR Foundation Partners with CityHealth for Policy Recommendations

As the marijuana/cannabis industry grows bolder in its quest to promote smoking or vaping marijuana indoors by rolling back smokefree air laws, smokefree advocates need additional tools and resources to adequately educate decision makers and key opinion leaders about the health hazards of breathing secondhand marijuana smoke and aerosols. To this end, ANR Foundation is excited to announce a new infographic/info-sheet on cannabis smoke in partnership with CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. This co-branded infographic overviews the facts, risks, policy recommendations, and more for keeping indoor air free from secondhand marijuana smoke and aerosol and is a handy resource to give to your community/city leadership to protect smokefree air.

See the infographic/sheet on CityHealth’s site.

More about our work with CityHealth here.

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